White Collar Crime Attorneys


Everyone makes mistakes at some time or another. However, when you make an error in judgment that could land you in prison or paying major fines, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. The law firm of Michelman & Bricker, P.C. defends individuals against white collar crime charges.

Our seasoned New Jersey and Pennsylvania white collar crime lawyers represent clients accused of, or under investigation for involvement in, matters related to:

A Strong Defense

We understand the potential impact a criminal investigation or criminal charges can have on you and your business. Our highly trained criminal defense lawyers go to work immediately, meticulously analyzing every detail of the case against you and developing a creative and effective defense. We work to protect your rights every step of the way, and we do not hesitate to use any violation to your advantage. Our objective is to clear your name as efficiently as possible so you and your business can get back to work.

Get Michelman & Bricker, P.C. on Your Side

Whether you need assistance with an environmental law, health care law, construction litigation, white collar crime, business law, employment law or family law, we can help. Call Michelman & Bricker, P.C. at the office location nearest you or contact us online to schedule a consultation.