Stark Law Violations

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The Stark Law [CITATION] is a federal statute that prohibits a physician from referring their Medicare patients for services (such as diagnostic testing and blood work) to a place in which the physician, his/her medical practice, or an immediate family member has an existing financial relationship. The physician or health services entity may not submit claims to Medicare for reimbursement for those services resulting from a prohibited referral.   Unlike other anti-kickback statutes, the Stark Law only applies to referrals from physicians, not other medical care providers. By avoiding financial incentives to order more services than necessary, the Stark Law seeks to avoid an over-utilization of medical services by physicians.

Designated Health Services

Under the Stark Law, physicians can not refer “designated health services” (“DHS”) to entities with which they or their immediate family members have a financial relationship.  These designated medical services include:

Stark Law Exceptions

Federal law allows certain Medicare referrals even when an existing financial relationship between the referring physician and the medical services provider exists. The mandatory exceptions to the ban on self-referrals include certain written agreements which include:

Civil Penalties

Violations of the Stark Law can result in criminal sentences including imprisonment, an obligation to repay Medicare funds imposition of  civil penalties of $15,000 per service, and  civil penalties of $100,000 for each prohibited arrangement.  Physicians may be required to repay and reimburse Medicare for all payments received from their referrals during the period of non-compliance and civil assessments may be imposed for up to three times the amount claimed.

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