Family Law Attorneys

Our Family Law Attorneys provide Mediation services, Collaborative Law practice and traditional litigation services to our clients. Our family law attorneys, Amy Bricker and Sharon D. Block, are trained and experienced Mediators and Collaborative Attorneys, as well as experienced litigators. With this broad background, our Springfield family law lawyers can offer options and individualized services that will best suit the needs of our clients and their families.

We are mindful that the impact of divorce, family dissension and change can be long-lasting and broad-reaching. We are committed to offering our clients the alternatives and options to address and resolve family conflict creatively and effectively. Our Family Law practitioners provide options and strategies for dealing with complex and stressful family issues involving child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony, parental relocation, distribution of marital assets and/or debt, domestic abuse, guardianship, adoption and/or family reunification.

Our Springfield family law attorneys empower clients to achieve effective and durable agreements that resolve conflict, with or without litigation. We provide pro-active representation to address our client’s and their families’ concerns and needs, to protect their rights, and to assist them in reaching satisfactory outcomes, whether through ADR or through litigation.

Our Family Law practitioners assist our clients in determining the best option for resolving their family conflict. Whether providing Mediation, Collaborative Law or litigation services, both Ms. Bricker and Ms. Block provide skilled, effective and thoughtful legal counsel and representation to our clients.

Amy Bricker, Esquire, practices as a Collaborative Divorce Attorney, a Family Law Mediator and a litigator, primarily in Massachusetts.

Sharon D. Block practices as a Family Law Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, and litigator in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Services to Address Your Family Law Needs

Our comprehensive family law practice includes counsel for issues involving:

Mediation & Collaborative Practice – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services


Michelman & Bricker, P.C. attorneys provide ADR services of Mediation and Collaborative Law practice. Using the Mediation and Collaborative Law models for dispute resolution, our trained attorneys assist clients to resolve differences or disputes and to achieve agreements that are voluntary and mutually satisfactory, without litigation or court intervention.

Amy Bricker and Sharon D. Block are trained and experienced Family Law Mediators who assist clients who choose to resolve their differences and/or concerns through the voluntary process of Mediation. Mediation may address some or all of the conflicts at issue, and may occur apart from or in conjunction with litigation. Ms. Bricker and Ms. Block also consult with and/or represent individual clients who are engaged in the mediation process with another mediation professional.


Amy Bricker and Sharon D. Block are trained and experienced Collaborative Law Attorneys. The Collaborative Law model offers clients the benefit of individual legal representation acting outside of the traditional adversarial and often, destructive litigation model. A team of Collaboratively-trained attorneys and a neutral (and a financial professional, where appropriate) assist the parties to address their concerns, resolve their differences and achieve a satisfactory and durable agreement that they are willing and able to implement. The process is respectful of the parties’ privacy and occurs without court involvement.

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