Philadelphia Environment Lawyers EPA to remediate former Sherwin Williams plantThe United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized their plan to remove contaminated soil from residential properties near the former Sherwin-Williams Hilliards Creek Superfund site in Gibbsboro and Voorhees, New Jersey. The lead, arsenic and volatile organic compounds used to manufacture Sherwin-Williams products at the plant contaminated the soil and groundwater beneath it, including Hilliards Creek and Kirkwood Lake. These contaminants then migrated, by way of air and water, into the soil of several dozens of nearby residential properties.

The EPA held a public meeting in Gibbsboro on June 11, 2015, and accepted comments from the public for two months. The Sherwin- Williams Hilliards Creek Superfund site, the Route 561 dump site and the United States Avenue Burn Superfund site, all located in Gibbsboro, are highly contaminated locations because of the paint manufacturing activities that occurred there. These activities caused the soil on the site to be contaminated with hazardous materials, which then spread to the soil of nearby properties in Gibbsboro and Voorhees. The cleanup will include Hilliards Creek, Kirkwood Lake, the Gibbsboro Nature Preserve and all residential properties that have been impacted.

EPA’s proposed cleanup plan includes the removing and contaminated soil from approximately 33 residential properties and replacing the excavated areas with clean soil and vegetation, at an estimated cost of $14 million. EPA intends to search for entities that are potentially responsible parties under Superfund to pay the cost of the clean-up.

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For example, we represented owner of former dry cleaning property in settling Superfund cost recovery claim through innovative settlement involving auction of the property and payment of sale proceeds to EPA

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