In August, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded a six-year financial grant to the University of Maryland to fund an Environmental Finance Center (EFC). The goal of the EFC is to provide an infrastructure for communities in which to create and access programs that protect and preserve their local environment. The center will work in conjunction with governmental groups, tribes, local communities and utility departments to brainstorm new programs that support environmental protections. These centers also serve as regional hubs to support communities in identifying solutions for financing environmental activities such as water infrastructure upgrades, developing public-private partnerships and increasing energy efficiency and sustainability.

The EPA first issued grants to regional Environmental Finance Centers in 2009 as part of an ongoing commitment to support communities that desire to improve both public health and the economy while also protecting the environment. Environmental Finance Centers play a key role in how communities plan and develop environmentally sustainable infrastructure, create “green” businesses and jobs and improve programs to conserve both drinking water and wastewater. Additionally, EFC’s provide training sessions that teach environmental equity.

Recently, the EPA issued nine grants to colleges around the country to fund EFCs. Grant monies will be awarded over a six-year period, beginning in 2016. While the President’s budget requests two million dollars, the exact dollar amount will not be determined until Congress approves a budget for 2016. The regional EFC’s provide support to 44 states. Only Colorado, North and South Dakota, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming remain without assistance, and the EPA is considering establishing an additional grant to provide support to those areas.

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